Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beauty from Pain

"If God can bring blessing from the broken body of Jesus and glory from something that's as obscene as the cross, He can bring blessing from my problems and my pain and my unanswered prayer. I just have to trust Him."

~Anne Graham Lotz

"God is the only one who can make the valley of trouble a door of hope."

~Catherine Marshall

"God does not always heal us instantly the way we think. He is not a jack-in-the-box God. But God is walking with me through this."

~Thelma Wells

Today I found out my grandfather's cancer is back. My grandfather found out he had stage four cancer almost a year ago and just recently went into remission only to have it back again. I am so upset and discouraged. I know God has done this for a reason but why this again? When I finally am able to catch my breath again and have a normal life? It's really hard to have to constantly be going through trials.
Then again, I think of the apostle Paul and the incredible amount of horrible things he went through. If God used him and loved him then He will certainly be with me during mine. I pray that He uses this bad situation to His glory. I pray that He turns my tears to joy.

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